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About Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Where a little believing grows a long way!

Field of Dreams is a membership-based entity that provides education and empowerment resources and products for personal, professional, and business growth, inspiration and motivation, and health and wellness. Our aim is to making living more meaningful and enjoyable.

Field of Dreams serves as the retail channel for the I M Possible Mall (www.IMpossiblemall.com) portfolio. The vision for I M Possible Mall (I M) is to be the largest network of independent businesses and brands with a single focus "to transform lives through education, experiences, and exposure". Field of Dreams is a core component of our strategy.

Your membership I M My Reward Program membership rewards you for investing in yourself. As a member you earn points 1 to 10 points for each $1 you spend depending on your membership. You can redeems your points for products and coupons. Your membership is recognized throughout the I M Possible Mall.

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Field of Dreams News

Here is the latest!

  • Over 600 products available.
  • Next products to be added to the website:
    • Organic Teas
    • Powder Supplements
    • Herbs & Roots
    • Fragrance Oils
  • Website development progressing. Let's us know of any problems.
  • You can now view your previous orders. Username required.
  • More content and functionality coming.

Send an email to goandgrow@inafieldofdreams.com to request a free membership.

Remember if you don't see it, ask for it because we may just have it. If not, we probably can get it.

I M News

Here is the latest!

  • If you are looking for holistic health & wellness visit I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness. Register for virtual sessions that will educate and empower you to own your health.
  • Seeking content providers to contribute to the next issue of On the Verge digital magazine.

I M striving to become the world largest provider of personal, professional, and organizational development, and transformational products and services.


Make Living Well a Priority

Your Growth

Field of Dreams provides books for your personal, professional, and business/entrepreneurial growth.

Your Health & Wellness

Field of Dreams provides vitamins, supplements, and books to support your good health.

Your Natural Beauty

Field of Dreams provides natural products for your hair and skin. We are the sole distributor of ego nativis (I AM NATURAL BEAUTY) products.

Your Engagement

Field of Dreams provides opportunities for you to engage with others to foster your growth, health, and well-being. As part of the I M Possible Mall network, you have access to classes, workshops, and other engagement activities.

Your Space

Field of Dreams provides products aimed to fill your five senses with emotion so you experience the right vibe (calming, peaceful, or energetic, inspirational, etc.) in your space.

Our Environment

Field of Dreams is committed to being environmentally conscious. We continously seek ways to improve our relationship with the Nature and to adhere to I M University's (I M U) Social, Economic, and Environmental (SEE) Governance Framework.

Health, Wealth, and Growth

Car, Portable, Elegant


Power: AC, DC, USB
Coverage: 200 to 1000 sq ft
Misting: Yes/No
Color Modes: Variety
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Natural Products

Hair, Face, Body

Hair: Shampoos, Conditioners
Face: Masks, Scrubs, Moisturizers
Body Scrubs, Moisturizers, Loofahs
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Essential & Fragrance


Essential Oils: Variety
Fragrance: Variety
Sizes: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 4 oz
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Personal & Professional

Growth Books

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership
Topics: Health & Wellness
Topics; Ideation, Creativity, Innovation
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Give a Thought-Full Gift®

A gift that keeps on giving!
Our Thought-Full Gift® Baskets can be customized to appeal to the specific needs of the recipient.

Living Well includes Our Environment

Living well demands that we take care of the environment. Each of us is responsible for taking care and protecting the environment. It sustains life life truly making it a field of dreams!

Field of Dreams along with all I M companies is striving to adhere to the I M University’s (www.imuniversity.org) - SEE Framework for Collective Success. SEE is a governance framework for social, economic, and environmental sustainability through education, experiential, and exposure initiatives. For us, SEE is about having a vision for being a conscious business.

We continuously seek ways help protect the environment. We begun phasing out plastic bags and taking every opportunity to provide reusable bags to our customers with their purchases. In addition we sell reusable bags and give them as reward gifts in an effort to encourage our customers to be environmentally conscious.

When possible we reuse boxes and packaging from our suppliers when shipping products to customers.

We are working on ensuring that we only use products from suppliers that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

We are learning as we go to be a better friend to the environment. Please share your ideas. I hope you join us!


What our customers are saying!

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