Field of Dreams is currently (re)building and expanding our product offerings. Our website does not currently present all of our new products and it is also being redesigned to improve integratation with other I M Possible Mall companies to provide a seamless customer experience.

Please refer to our digital catalog or PDF version for a segment of our new product offerings. To place your order send an email to contactus@inafieldofdreams.com. We ask for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.


Welcome to Field of Dreams where a little believing grows a long way! Field of Dreams (FOD) provides inspirational, motivational, and educational products for personal, professional and organizational development.

Before becoming an online store, FOD was a retail store in Montclair, NJ. It was the first I M Possible Mall (I M) brand and it can easily be said that FOD was the seed from which I M grew. FOD now serves as I M's online retail outlet for products provided by I M companies and partners.

Come to FOD for your personal and professional development products and resources such as books, posters, gift baskets, postcards, and other items to keep you inspired and committed to your growth. You can also find resources and services provided by other I M companies and partners such as classes, coaching, health & wellness services, and events.

If you want to continuously grow then plant yourself in Field of Dreams and surround yourself with positive products, resources, and people.

Challenge yourself and those around you to remain in a state of perpetual growth. Check out our Go & Grow - Read to Succeed Challege".

Please bear with us as our website is still under construction.

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Becoming greener!

We are working on making everyone's field greener! I M launched a non-profit affiliate, I M University (I M U) that has an objective to establish a framework and standards for environmental sustainable practices for I M companies and brands to implement. I M inspiring our partners, clients, and customers to join us. As part of the I M family, Field of Dreams will give you a free reusable tote bag with your order of 3 books or more. This tote bag is perfect for carrying your books or for light shopping. We will be offering additional reusable bags of different sizes as we expand our eco-friendly practices. It is a small contribution but can reduce the use of several plastic and paper bags.

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