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About Field of Dreams

Where a little believing grows a long way.

Live your possibilities, potential, and purpose.
Field of Dreams is a membership-based entity that provides education and empowerment resources and products for personal, professional, and business growth, inspiration and motivation, and health and wellness. Our aim is to making living more meaningful and enjoyable.

Field of Dreams serves as the retail channel for the I M Possible Mall (www.IMpossiblemall.com) portfolio. The vision for I M Possible Mall (I M) is to be the largest network of independent businesses and brands with a single focus "to transform lives through education, experiences, and exposure". Field of Dreams is a core component of our strategy.

Your membership I M My Reward Program membership rewards you for investing in yourself. As a member you earn 5X points for each $1 you spend which can be redeemed for products and coupons. Your membership is recognized throughout the I M Possible Mall.

The seed for Field of Dreams was planted while the founder was a college student in the earlier 80s. He posted positive quotes on 3x5 inch index cards in his dorm room as a means for inspiration and motivation. He found that other students appreciated his index cards.

Over 15 years later, in 1997 Field of Dreams (FOD) opened as a retail store in Montclair, NJ where it sold inspirational, motivational, and personal development products, and sponsored workshops, events, and radio shows. Field of Dreams became a family business that included the founder's mother and sister who were key team members. Both of them have since passed away. Other family members were vital to the FOD experience as consistent customers and active in developing the store. The founder's young daughter and great-nephew at the time would often hang out and help in the store. Unfortunately FOD closed after several years of operation. When FOD closed in 2000, the owner remained committed to keeping the FOD spirit alive. That inspiration combined with the founder's enterpreneurial drive sparked the idea of a larger, more robust version of FOD. After years of mulling and at times ignoring the idea the founder eventually decided to respond to the calling. It has been said that "One does not chase their dreams, their dreams chase them."

What was once an idea is now the I M Possible Mall (I M) with over 125 brands that focus on personal, professional, and organizational development including health and wellness, and education. After several years of working on the I M foundation, it became time to focus on relaunching Field of Dreams. In late 2020 the founder began focusing on FOD. Since Field of Dreams is the first I M brand and it has sentimental value, it is being positioned as the flagship brand for the I M portfolio.

Field of Dreams remains committed to its original intentions and purpose from its retail days but now with an online presence. Being online has allowed FOD to expand its offerings of inspirational and motivational products, books, posters, mugs, clothing, and other items. FOD serves as the retail outlet for products offered by other I M companies and partners. FOD will return to a brick and mortar entity one day in the future.

The I M brand porfolio includes: I M Cooperative (I M C), a cooperative for entrepreneurs and small business owners; and I M University (I M U), a non-profit that focuses on social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The I M companies are owned and managed by TWG Private Capital Firm.