About Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams (FOD) is an I M Possible (I M) company. It began in 1997 as a retail store in Montclair, NJ where it sold inspirational, motivational, and personal development products, and sponsored workshops, events, and radio shows. It has since evolved into the I M business model with over 65 brands that focus on personal, professional, and organizational development products, services, and resources. In addition to the 65 brands, two I M alliances are being launched: I M Cooperative (I M C), a cooperative for entrepreneurs and small businesses; and I M University (I M U) a non-profit that will focus on human and environmental sustainability causes".

Field of Dreams continues with its retail origins but only online with intentions to return to a brick and mortar facility in the near future. It still provide inspirational, motivational products including books, posters, mugs, clothing, and other items. It also serve as the retail outlet for products offered by other I M companies and partners.

The seed for Field of Dreams was planted while the founder was in college where he posted positive quotes on 3x5 inch index cards in his dorm room. This may be why he considers the Field of Dreams retail store his most joyous entpreneurial venture. When he closed the store in 2000, he remained committed to keep the FOD spirit alive. Field of Dreams is currently being positioned as the flagship brand for the I M portfolio of brands.