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Set the mood to experience the beauty of the moment.

Living naturally has many benefits that will improve your health and well-being. For starters being in a natural setting brings peace and serenity. Including an essential oil diffuser also known as an aromatherapy diffuser in your space can set a mood to create positive emotions and good health. Inhaling the aroma from essential and carrier oils provides many medicinal benefits. While candles and incense are wonderful options for setting the mood they are not healthy as they may emit toxins. Diffusers are safer and healthier. To learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy visit our aromatherapy and oils pages.

We provide diffusers manufactured by an expert in aroma diffuser technology. Our manufacturer recognizes the natural benefits that essential oils provide, and one of the best ways to enjoy their homeopathic qualities is with a diffuser. These diffusers fill the air and your senses with the beneficial aromas of essential oils through a variety of technologies ultrasonic atomizing and fan diffusion. Our manufacturer is focused on wellness which is why Field of Dreams chose them as its primary provider of diffusers.

Greenair Dew Drop Diffuser Video

We Offer a Variety of Diffusers

From car to portable to elegant we have diffusers for every room or location. Check out our diffusers here!