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Ride Your Ride!

A Biker's Mindset

  • 02 March 2021
  • Darin C. Wright

This is a picture of my motorcycle; a Kawasaki 900 Vulcan Classic purchased several years ago. I received many compliments on this bike. The wisdom shared from bikers about riding is more beautiful and lasting than the bike as it is meaningful to living an empowering life.

Ride your ride

Craig B, a neighbor of my younger brother whose name is also Craig told me the day I got the bike: “Ride your ride. When riding with experienced riders let them ride don’t worry about keeping up. I found that when you ride with “great” bikers they will stop and wait for you to catch up; they will block intersections to ensure that everyone riding with them safely makes it through any traffic lights that may change. In life find your lane and your pace. You will instinctively know when you can throttle up. Ride with the right people and they will look out for you. Just commit to the journey.

You won’t ride until you drop the bike

I was told long before I bought the bike that “you won’t truly ride until you drop the bike” meaning until you fall. You will do whatever you can to avoid falling due to the fear of being hurt. I equate this advice to the fear of failing. Once you failed at something you are likely to become less fearful of failing and more courageous to take risks. I fell once in an intersection not too long after I got the bike. Between the embarrassment and the adrenaline rush, I felt no pain until the next day! I made a conscious decision in that moment to get back on the bike before the fear set in. I have also failed many times. The failures which are nothing more than learning lessons have given me the courage to launch businesses and products through the art of experimentation as I have almost become immune to the illusion of failing.

Know what you don't know

We do not know everything about everything. It is okay to follow when necessary. Being a new biker, I had to understand that regardless of my education and experience in other areas, I was a newbie, neophyte when it came to riding a motorcycle. It had been several decades since riding one. So, I had a lot to learn including riding etiquette. I listened to everyone’s advice especially that of my younger brother who was already an experienced biker at the time. The older one had to become the student and it was okay. I believe Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” True growth comes from recognizing that much can be learn from many sources and that expertise in one domain is not always transferable to another domain. Remain a student who is always is search of a teacher.

Look in the direction you want to go

Since I had not been on a motorcycle since college, I thought it was in my best interest to take a “rider’s ed.” class. I was happy I did as in addition to the class being valuable it eliminated the need for me to go to the Division of Motor’s Vehicles to take my driving test. During the class, the instructor shared a valuable tip on turning corners. He said, “Look in the direction you want to turn and the bike will naturally follow.” This is a valuable tip for anyone looking to improve their life experience.

This advice aligns with the quote that has been attributed to multiple people, “Wherever you attention goes, energy flows.” Anyone familiar with the Reticular Activating System (RAS) part of the brain and its power understands this concept. RSA is the science and biology that endorses the tactic of being deliberate about where you focus your attention. Your brain will lead you wherever you focus your attention. This is further supported by research that people who have a plan and write down their goals are more likely to be more productive and experience better results in their life than those who go through their days with little to no focus. So look in the direction you to go and your life is likely to follow.

It is a beautiful motorcycle which has been parked in the garage for the last few seasons but the wisdom gained from having it is much more lasting than its physical beauty.

Just remember what Craig B., the Neighbor said, "Ride your ride!"

Darin Wright
Still a Newbie Biker
Founder of I M Possible Mall

Author: Darin C. Wright(Bio)